IMG_0147The first thing is, I can’t seem to make the leap to talking about myself in the third person. My name is Kris Galli and, to be honest, I think I taught myself to paint because I just didn’t fit in anywhere else. That, and I wanted to make my own lunch hour. Lunch is so important… I’ve been painting for about twenty-five years, with the exception of those times when I’d take a long drive and throw all my brushes into the woods in a fit of despair. Later, I’d have to find them, and I ended up with all kinds of cuts and scratches. Now I tend to just throw them out onto the lawn. Anyway, it’s something that just keeps following me. I can’t stop painting. Not for long. Currently, you can find my work in various locations throughout western MA, including Canyon Ranch of the Berkshires and Alta Restaurant & Wine Bar, in Lenox. I live here in Lenox with my husband, Edward Acker, who is a photographer. Visit Edward’s site. Please feel free to drop me a line if you see something that interests you, or if you’d just like to say hello. I’d love to hear from you! Peace, Kris